What Are You Grateful For?

I don’t know what you’re facing in your life right now, but I know that all of our lives have their challenges. The problem is, when our lives become challenging, those challenges take center stage. We lose sight of the things that are good for us, and focus in on the very things that are hurting us.

One of the first things that usually goes out the window is our gratitude. But I’m here to tell you that no matter how challenging our life can be we can choose to be grateful.

You see, gratitude isn’t an ooey-gooey feeling that wells up inside of us when someone gets us a really great gift. In those moments, gratitude is easy. But in our mundane day-to-day, gratitude is a choice. It’s that moment when you could let your circumstances define your mood, and instead you choose a perspective shift. Gratitude is a simple response to God about the circumstances of your life. It’s taking the time to acknowledge that God is God, that God is good, and that what he has done is important.

In fact, it’s more than just a thankfulness for the circumstances themselves. It’s an appreciate for the Master Artist who is the Giver of all Good Things, even when good things feel thin on the ground.

For the believer, gratitude stems from what I call the Biblical perspective. That perspective is a view of the world that believes God is on the throne and working all things out for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

If you have faith in Jesus, no matter what’s going on, you have eternal security. Jesus told us that we would have troubles in this world, but he also said that he overcame this world (John 16:32). We can have hope in the darkest place because this place is not our home.

Somebody needs to hear this today: Jesus’s work is finished, and you’re going to be just fine.

Even if everything else in our lives falls apart, that right there is enough to thank God for for all eternity.

Are you having a rough day? Is it just one of those really “blah moments” of your day? (You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that another cup of coffee can’t quite fix.) Friends, the answer is gratitude. Take just five minutes, and tell the Lord You’re grateful. Praise him for who he is, what he has done for this world, then take time to specifically thank him for your life. Even the messy parts.

Listen, you and I have so many things to be grateful for. No matter what, you are alive, you have the ability to see this post and understand it, and the wi-fi to read it! I’m not belittling anything you’ve experienced or gone through, but our victory is won and our salvation is secure.

If you can breathe in the goodness of God, we can breathe out a prayer of gratitude to our Savior and Creator.

What are you thanking God for today? Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses to “What Are You Grateful For?”

  1. I am thankful for my family, home, job, most of all I am thankful to God that he is my provider , protector, my counselor ,redeemer ,my healer ,my helper. He always goes before me even when I don’t see it until later .

  2. Stephanie Peters

    I’m grateful for my new home and the beautiful surroundings, for being in a position to drastically widen my group of friends (even if it’s mostly on Zoom), and my ability to be of service to others!