REAL with Daniel Fusco TV and Jesus Is Real Radio

Watch and listen to Pastor Daniel on TV or Radio on the stations listed below. Pastor Daniel connects with real people who have real problems and offers real solutions from a real Jesus who loves us. Put it in your calendar or set your DVR today!

TV Listings

Location TV Station Channel Schedule
Portland, OR KATU 2

Mondays, 12:30AM

National Hillsong Channel Search Listings

Fridays, 10:30PM (Pacific)

Honolulu, HI KALO

Wednesday, 1:30 PM
Thursday, 4:00 AM
Friday, 9:30 PM
Saturday, 7:30 PM
Sunday, 2:30 PM

Radio Listings

Location Radio Station Channel Schedule
Portland, OR KPDQ 93.9FM


Search Listings Freedom Radio FM 91.9 FM

M-F 10:15AM, 8:00PM

Hilo, HI KIHL 103.7 FM

M-F 5:30AM

Casa Grande, AZ KVNG 91.1FM

M-F 8PM and 2AM

Salem, OR KAJC 90.1FM

M-F 3:30AM and 3:30PM