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When you click the link below, you become part of a special group of people who want to reach real people who have real problems and offer real solutions from a real Jesus who loves them. There are so many people who have never known Jesus or gone to church, or they have wandered away from God and from church, or they are burned out on religion. Those people are being reached every week through the TV ministry of Real. with Daniel Fusco.

With your regularly scheduled partnership along with supporters like you, you help make our outreach possible. As Real. with Daniel Fusco grows, together we are helping people learnĀ  to walk with Jesus in a real way, and learn to be the hands and feet of Jesus in today’s world.

Every week we meet people whose lives have fallen apart, people who are severely depressed, and people who are experiencing the messiness of life and looking for the strength and clarity to take the next step. Through hearing about the love of Jesus, something they had never considered before, people trust Him and their lives are literally changed forever.

We could not reach the people that we do without your help. By clicking the link below you can become a ministry partner and help transform the world in Jesus’ name!