2 Words You Need to Know


Has the word “yes” every changed your life?

Let me tell you right now, it has, even if you don’t realize it. In fact, every time we say yes to something our life changes. Some changes might be small (like when we say yes to extra guacamole on our burrito). Some changes might be big (like saying yes to our spouse when we get married. Since we are constantly presented with things to say yes to, it’s hard to know what deserves our “Yes.”

This problem, along with so many others, can be solved with two simple words. These two words are more powerful, more important, and more life changing than any decision we’ve made before.

You ready? I don’t want to rush this. Take a deep breath.  Stretch a little. Because when we learn how to say these two words, our life won’t go back to the way it was before. Take that in, and when you’re ready, check out these small but mighty words:


Yes, Lord.


Every moment we are alive is an opportunity for us to say yes to the Lord.

We get so caught up in saying yes and no to our surroundings, that sometimes we neglect the most powerful and life-changing “yes.”

We might even hear ourselves saying, “No, Lord.” If you think about it, that answer is an oxymoron. If we’re saying no to him, then we aren’t really honoring him as our Lord. We’ve made ourselves lord and we’re moving against the Lord Almighty. (Let me just tell you right now–never a good idea.)

There’s so much I could say about those two words and the men and women who have said them again and again with a supernatural courage. But for now, I’ll just share one of my favorite “Yes, Lord” moments in the Scriptures.

In the gospel of Luke, we find a young woman who would become the mother of Jesus’s humanity. Her name was Mary. When she heard what the Lord was going to do in her life, she could have come up with a million excuses and reasons it wouldn’t work. Instead, this was her answer:


Then Mary said,

“Behold the maidservant of the Lord!

Let it be to me according to your word.”

Luke 2:38


In other words, “Yes, Lord.” In the face of frightening possibilities and overwhelming impossibilities, Mary chose trust and surrender.

When we choose trust and surrender, we will find ourselves right in the middle of what God is doing. We won’t have to manipulate or maneuver our way to where we need to be. We will be where God wants us because we will have been listening and responding to him all along.

Has saying “yes” to the Lord ever changed your life? Maybe it was the first time you said “yes” to Jesus, when you made him the Lord of your life. Maybe it was earlier today when the Holy Spirit led you to do or say something. We’d love to hear those stories in the comments and hear how saying “yes” to Jesus is shaping and changing your life.

If you’re having trouble remembering the last time you said yes to him don’t wait any longer. Take a few minutes right now. Surrender again. Trust again. Take your mind off of everything trying to take your attention, and invite him to take control again.

“Yes, Lord.”


3 Responses to “2 Words You Need to Know”

  1. Terri Nielsen

    Yes to marriage, yes to kids ministry for over 30 yrs wherever I’ve lived, yes to helping homeless When prompted, yes to sending support to others in need, yes to supporting a young girl in Guatemala for 14 year. Biggest yes of all is Serving our Lord Jesus

  2. Betty Morgan

    Thank you for this MESSAGE today. My husband, Robert, is having triple by-pass surgery today and I am in the waiting area 7AM. Saying, “YES, LORD!” Your ministry is a blessing to us and we appreciate you very much. Thank you for your words, messages, and prayers.

  3. Leslie McCarthy

    Through my life, when i’ve had the most difficult surrendering and saying yes to the Lord, those situations led to the biggest blessings. By that I mean, after a difficult “yes” in the time that followed, I felt closer to Him than before, and that’s the point.