From Jail to Joy 😃

I have been so blessed to hear from those of you who have reached out to us via email or by calling us, and shared what God is doing in your life. It is so encouraging to hear the stories of how God is working in powerful ways in so many of your lives! 

This week our team spoke with an amazing man who texted SAVED to 51400. It was so beautiful to hear his story. He had his brother over last weekend and their TV was on in the background. They weren’t watching TV, but God began to draw them into the Real TV show. Soon they found themselves totally immersed and listening to every word.

These men had grown up Catholic, but that night after watching Real they decided they wanted to step out in faith and follow Jesus in a way they never had before. You see, earlier in his life this man had spent 15 months in jail, and his wife passed away the day before he was scheduled to be released. He was so devastated. His life began to spiral out of control. He ended up on the streets. He turned to addiction for comfort. Eventually he found a shelter, and when he got out of the shelter he knew he was called to learn more about God.

Last weekend, he realized he had never fully given his life over to Jesus so He could accomplish His plans through this mans life.  He said after watching the Real TV show Jesus drew him in in such a powerful way that he now knows God wants more from him. He feels a new motivation to get out of his house and connect with people. Throughout this week he has invested in building relationships with people who need to know Jesus, and he is trusting God that he needs to step out and build relationships with a family of faith.

I never tire of these stories! God is in the business of renewal and restoration. He knows we are in process, and He’s good with it. He isn’t looking for perfect people, just for people who are available. And He challenges us simply to take the next step He has for us. Don’t worry… He will replace our doubts with hope. More than anything, we want the gifts God has placed in our hearts and lives to be vehicles for His amazing work in the world.