Can I Trust Again? 💔

“I was a single mom, and when I could barely put food on the table – that’s when I began to trust God was still working.”

We recently received a call from Laura, a single mom from Canada who discovered our messages online when she was at the end of herself, exhausted from things not working out. It was at her lowest point that God started to turn everything around for her.

Laura grew up in a home where she was emotionally and physically abused, and when she left home, she married a man who also abused her, landing both her and her daughter in the hospital on multiple occasions. “What I found was the more I trusted in men to make my life whole, the more I was heartbroken. I remember hitting my knees one day and literally telling God, ‘I’m broken…I don’t know what to do.’”

When Laura stumbled on Daniel Fusco Ministries, she struggled to trust anyone. But “every single message seemed to be about trusting God and walking with Him,” she recalls. She kept coming back for more truth from the Bible that she could trust, and she began learning about the fruits of the Spirit and how to cut out sin from her life.

“During that time,” she said, “I started walking with Jesus, but the shame I carried from my past made me too afraid to go to church. But I was listening to your sermons online, and I was spiritually fed that way.”

Soon after, Laura was invited to church. She continued to read the Bible and listen to messages on her own, but recently she felt prepared to connect with a local church, and now she is a faithful part of that church family.

Everything is changing for Laura. She’s learning to listen to God, she’s learning to spend daily time reading His Word, and she’s beginning to walk in a confidence that comes from the inside out.

We can learn from Laura’s story…When she first put her faith in Jesus, her life didn’t magically get better right then and there. But she trusted God with the process, and things just keep getting better. “As I‘m walking with God,” she said, “the harvest that is coming out of me is throwing out the old toxins…and now I can help others.”

Imagine what happens when the people of God wait on Him…always on the lookout for the ways He is at work, turning our suffering into a vantage point for His glory to shine through. And at the same time, we are confident in knowing we have nothing to hide – God knows where we came from, and He loves to write endings to our stories we never would have imagined.