How to Be Christian in a World That Isn’t

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2 (NIV)


In a world where values seem to shift like memes, it can be challenging to stand firm in our Christian faith. But fear not, I’ve got some practical wisdom to share on how you can live a life that follows after Jesus. 

Let’s dive in and discover how to navigate this crazy world while staying true to our beliefs and making a positive impact.


Unshaken in Your Identity:

As a Christian, knowing who you are in Christ is crucial. Embrace your identity as a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made. Discover the joy of being loved unconditionally by your Creator, which allows you to resist the pressure to conform to the world’s ever-changing standards. 

Be proud of your faith and let it shine through your actions and interactions.


Love That Changes the Game:

In a world often marred by hatred, division, and cancel culture, let’s choose to be different. 

Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, even when they are different or disagree with us. Radical love can transform hearts and break barriers. Let’s be agents of positive change, showing compassion, empathy, and kindness to everyone we encounter. 

Love is a language that transcends cultural, age, and lifestyle differences, and makes the Gospel real.


Engaging Culture with Wisdom:

As Christians, we’re called to be “in the world, but not of it” (John 15:19). 

Engaging with culture doesn’t mean compromising our beliefs; instead, it’s an opportunity to be a light in dark places. Let’s be discerning in what we consume and actively seek out positive influences. We can engage with music, movies, and trends while filtering them through a biblical lens. By doing so, we can connect with our peers and have meaningful conversations about faith.


Two Questions:
  1. What are some challenges you face in staying true to your faith while surrounded by conflicting worldviews? 

2. How can you share God’s love with your friends who may have a different perspective on life and faith?